vmware fury

Okay so I have a rather large green field / migration project I am working on.
So I started putting together some powercli scripts to build the environment and then thought to myself there must be a quicker way and something I can use again and again going forward.

So I created an excel spreadsheet (yeah dont cringe).
I ended up choosing excel because most people have it and it is easy to automate and drive.

So with the excel spreadsheet you work through the numbers and enter the details of your planned install.
Datacenter, Cluster, dvswitch, port groups, resource pools, top level folders, folder in folders.

The spreadsheet will format your entries into their relative powercli commands and then give you an output of all the commands.
The output you simply paste into your powercli session and sit back and watch.

Here is a vid demo that I have done so you can see it in action.
note… I have limited the cells to 500, I mean really who wants 500+ port groups anyway…