vmconsole so slow – you will hear this from windows admins

The sad fact is that perception rules..

So when a windows admin consoles into a vm and the mouse moves at mach 0.00001 and is almost unusable they will bag out vmware and get an uneasy feeling about how the operating system is working underneath that gorgeous telly tubby splash screen of theirs.

And truth be told who could blame them, I would hate to admin a server like that where a simple 5 minute process can take your twenty +.

Sadly and I dont understand why but these have not been fixed up as part of the vmtools install.

So a couple of manual steps to take in order to get rid of the old dog slow console.

  1. Stop using your console to admin boxes it is unsecure (other people with console access can piggy back and see what you are doing) and it consumes resources on the esxhost.
  • definalty do not use the console tab in vcenter (the only way to end the console session is to close your viclient session) this is a pet hate of mine.
  • For brain surgeons, using the console client is like Neo jacking in to go to the toilet and then jacking out. But wait, if he is jacked in then he is virtual and does not need to go to the toilet… mmm confused now… lol
  • But would he just piss himself whilst in the chair, like a dream where you need to go to the toilet and mmm warm… oh man that gets crazy, what about sex — anyway I digress
  • Use the console to set an ip and remote desktop settings / permissions and then leave it alone.

2. Do this… after you have installed vmtools – yeah I should have zoomed in but hey the world turns fast and the boat has sailed.